Stone Benches

Stone Bench

A bench is an integral part of each garden but it does not necessarily have to serve as a bench alone. Garden benches can also be used as a decorative feature and the best example are stone benches. They do not only offer you a place to sit, admire the beauty of your garden and spend an afternoon relaxing or catching up with your old friends but they also give a garden a touch of elegance and unparalleled beauty. This is partly related to the fact that stone has been traditionally used to beautify gardens and partly to the unique appeal of stone. It is a natural material and as such, it blends perfectly with its natural surroundings although it makes a statement at the same time which makes a stone bench both practical and highly decorative.

Stone benches are usually associated with classical gardens, however, they are an excellent addition for just about every garden regardless of its style because they are available in a wealth of styles and designs. No matter if you have a classical- or contemporary-style garden, there is a perfect stone bench out there for you too. But what about care and maintenance? And is not stone a little bit cold place to sit on?

As much as care and maintenance are concerned, it is really difficult to find a material which would be less demanding than stone. It is naturally resistant to the effects of the weather including rain, intense UV light, frost, heat, hail,… you name it. Stone also will not be affected by mould and mildew nor invaded by the insects. It does not require any care at all other than occasional cleaning. Stone is sometimes affected by green algae, however, they are easily washed off with a soapy water.

Stone Bench

When it comes to comfort, stone is not as uncomfortable as mistakenly believed as it absorbs the heat from both the sun and the air, and is not that cold to sit on at all. Stone bench is not as comfortable as a wooden bench for example, however, this can be easily solved with a few cushions and pillows.

Relatively high cost is the only disadvantage of stone benches although they are not that unaffordable as you may think, of course, if you do not choose the most expensive stone such as marble and have it custom made. Furthermore, stone is the most durable of all materials used for making garden benches and just about any kind of stone bench will retain both its aesthetic appeal and functionality until the rest of your life and even longer. Stone does not only withstands the effects of the weather but it also withstands the effects of time exceptionally well. It does change its appearance over time but stone “ageing“ process is extremely slow, while aged stone bench often looks even more beautiful than a brand new one. Considering their durability, unique aesthetic appeal and literally no maintenance required, stone benches are not expensive at all.